Skunkworks? What’s That?

Good question! A skunkworks is essentially a research and development department focused on achieving a specific and critical breakthrough. Typically, the team members have diverse skills and are brought together to think in unconventional ways to create something radically new and better than what has previously existed. Our field is not technology, but the same drive and entrepreneurial spirit will characterize our work together.

Why QuadW Missional Skunkworks

God created each of us for the adventure of mission, to bring glory to his name, and to share the blessings of our faith with those around us. Instead, most Christians are settling for a domesticated faith that falls well short of our intended identity and purpose. Consequently, millions of our neighbors are completely disconnected from the life-transforming love of Jesus Christ. This gulf between what God wants and what is defines our call.

The Church is failing in its most fundamental mission – to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Approaches of the past are yielding decreasing results. Our witness is diminished by our own sins, including preoccupation with our collective self. Our impact is increasingly muted, leaving growing numbers of people untouched by the Gospel, growing numbers of communities mired in social problems, and systemic injustices unchecked.

For real Christians, not caring is not an option. Real caring requires action. This Skunkworks project is an opportunity for you to put your faith into action. It will be an experience that equips you to become an innovative leader who makes a difference while growing deeper in love with God and the world he came to save.


Young adults, age 18 to 26 will live in Christian community and serve their neighbors together. Our primary goal is to create a disciple-making movement – making disciples who make disciples who make disciples. Each site will shape their life together and their engagement of neighbors in a different way but there will also be some shared core content over the course of the nine-months.

Prayer and reliance on the Holy Spirit

We can accomplish nothing, but there is nothing God can’t do through us when we allow ourselves to be led by God and fully cooperate with the work of the Holy Spirit.

Understanding Scripture as the story of God’s mission and understanding authentic faith as taking our place in that story. You’ll be guided through personality assessments and learn to identify your God-given strengths and weaknesses as you discern how God is calling you to participate in his mission.

Soft skills

Most companies emphasize the necessity of soft skills as critical to a person’s success. You’ll learn conflict management, team work, and problem-solving skills. As part of that, you’ll also learn to identify your own strengths, vulnerabilities, and triggers.

Entrepreneurial skills

Lean start up methods help new business ventures accomplish huge goals with limited resources. Many of these principals are applicable to our work as we seek to learn the best ways of reaching others. Regardless of your future vocation, these skills will be a great asset.

Winsome, humble, effective ways to share our faith

We will learn from the best examples of Christian history and current disciple-making movements around the world as we discern together how best to participate in God’s work of making disciples.