September 1, 2019 through May 1, 2019


The QuadW Skunkworks at Mission House in Kansas City, Kansas is open to Christian young adults ages 18 to 25, who are looking to innovate missionally in a cross-cultural setting while living and participating in intentional Christian community. If you think this is you, apply here.


Our Neighborhood

The neighborhood around Mission House is very important to us and also a key opportunity for you to grow, learn, serve and love. Situated within walking distance from downtown Kansas City Kansas (KCK), ours is a multi-cultural neighborhood lined with trees and sidewalks and dotted with houses mixed with long-time residents and many more transient neighbors. There is good and bad here. We will ask you to see the good and think through the bad, and note where God is working.

You will see the effects of poverty, especially in terms of abandoned housing and of fewer opportunities for youth to thrive and engage socially, intellectually, and otherwise. At times, you will hear gunshots from surrounding areas, and feel a bit of the fear in your body and mind that gun violence causes. You will also see people on the sidewalk, stopping to talk, often in various languages, and often across cultural lines in ways that rarely happen in other neighborhoods. More than likely, your greatest moment will not be scheduled, and will happen when and with someone you least expect. We hope and pray for this, as we think even now of who will join us.

If it’s you, please know through everything, we will be with you, coaching and challenging you to deepen your understanding of context and how the Gospel of Jesus can be contextualized. We love it here, and hope to God that you will too.

Mission House

Originally built by some old dentist in 1910, Mission House is currently the property of a 501c3 organization called… Mission House. It is an approximately 5,000 square foot, 3-story house with a modified basement. Formerly many, many things including an orphanage for boys in the 70s, Mission House felt into disrepair for several years before being remodeled by a small group with a vision.

That vision was to create a house to be used as a missional training center for young adults like you. It has been remodeled with community in mind, which mostly means 2 dishwashers — neither of which we use, 2 ovens — 1 of which we use, and probably 2 of a lot of things we’ve long since stopped noticing. There is enough room for 15 or so people, which is how many we typically host during the summers. While sleeping space and bathrooms are divided and shared by gender, there is tons of space for you to get away, read a book, take a nap, or have a meandering conversation with a fellow intern or leader.

If you&rsqu;d like to learn more about Mission House, which operates year-round, please visit the Mission House website.


Josh Shepherd is a site leader for QuadW Skunkworks at Mission House in Kansas City, Kansas
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